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About Jim Dawson

Jim Dawson was born in Kenya in 1945 and grew up surrounded by diverse, majestic landscapes, big game and a teeming abundance of plains animals, which he went on to capture in his paintings. While at the Prince of Wales school, he studied under Robert McLellan-Sim but otherwise is self taught. His professional life began while still at school and selling his paintings in The New Stanley Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya.

Jim Dawson completed his education in England and returned to Kenya in 1965 where he quickly established himself as one of the leading artists of Kenyan wild life . He again featured in The New Stanley Art Gallery, attracting international visitors, collectors and local art lovers.

Growing up in Kenya, Jim understands the textures, colours and changing landscapes and the heat of Africa - these are all instilled in his blood, and although many artists are now painting wild life, few can capture that true sense of the atmosphere of the bush, which emanates from each of his paintings.

Jim Dawson returned to England and continued to paint. There he met many ex East Africans, others who had visited Africa on holiday as well as people who simply have a love for wild life, but had never been to Africa. Many were keen to commission paintings. Through them showing their paintings to other people, and word of mouth, Jim has continued to grow on the global market.